The Problem

We know little about the vegetables we consume besides their place of origin. Who grew them? How were they produced? Still, we care about the food we eat. Some of us want them to be grown sustainably, without damaging Mother Earth; others, about fair trade and labor exploitation. Yet, for ordinary consumers, these questions often remain a mystery.

We need to find ways to reduce the anonymity of farmers and bring greater transparency our food.

Our First Solution

Through our vegetable subscription box system, Urban Green Dot gets you in touch with your farmers. Find out more about our urban farmers here. Otherwise, check out our social media platforms for snippets of how your vegetables are grown. We seek to earn your trust. Thereafter, feel reassured that you consume fresh quality produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. 

Moreover, we also believe that communication is key to long term customer satisfaction. Hence, we foster more feedback channels by delivering straight to you. Talk to us about your suggestions or concerns. On the whole, this ensures our products and services remain relevant and effective at addressing your needs.

Our Second Solution

Or even better – become a farmer yourself! 

Our market surveys revealed that many of us want to farm, but are not sure where to start. It is not easy starting on a new hobby all alone, without any help. So, to address this gap, we came up with our interactive farming worshops

In brief, these structured education programs will guide you along from step 1 of your farming journey. Of course, we will also provide the essential farming materials and equipment needed. Take the next step and join our buzzing urban farmer community!

Find out more about our course facilitators here.