Curly Kale

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Our Curly Kale is one of the most sought after vegetables on our farm with its frivolous frilly edges. Kale packs lots of vitamins and can be used for a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

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11 reviews for Curly Kale

  1. Tan Ee Soon

    Came packaged nicely and managed to last 10 days in my fridge

  2. Margaret

    Used them for my kale smoothies. Very Fresh!

  3. Claire

    I was surprised at how much better vegetables taste when they are just harvested! Farmers are friendly and accommodating as well

  4. Adeline

    Tasted less bitter and more juicy compared to the regular kale I get. Will definitely buy again!

  5. Joshua

    Expensive but I guess you need to pay for quality.

  6. Joan

    Super fresh

  7. Judy

    Made tasty kale chips with their curly kale

  8. Woodward

    Lasts longer in my fridge so I end up wasting less and makes it a bang for my buck!

  9. Faridah

    Perfect for my morning smoothies! Goes very well when mixed with honey and some fresh fruits 🙂

  10. Jeffrey

    less bitter than the other local brands

  11. JT

    Very fresh

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