The Three Problems

Singapore imports most of its food but ranks high in food security. 
This is because we source them from a wide range of countries. 
But the COVID-19 Pandemic has shown that there is room for improvement. 
We can do more to ensure there is enough to feed our nation.
We need to redefine what it means to be food secure for the future.
Only a fraction of fresh foods produced end up on our plates. 
During transport, we throw away 30% of them because of pests or decay. 
Another 40% of the remaining are discarded in supermarkets. 
A lot of edible food, unfortunately, goes to waste.
We need to find better ways to distribute our food from producers to consumers.
Our vegetables lose 30% of their nutritional value during transport. 
Some are even placed in storage for days before they reach us.
Yet essential minerals and vitamins rapidly degrade within days from harvest.
Longer storage transportation and storage times reduce food quality.

We need to bring our food, farms and farms closer to us.

Our Solution

Through our indoor hydroponics farm, Urban Green Dot aspires to strengthen Singapore’s food security capabilities. We seek to provide you with a variety of leafy greens via our vegetable subscription box system. 

These include local vegetables such as xiao bai cai and kang kong to trendy ones like kale and arugula. The vegetables are grown locally and delivered straight to you. In short, this helps to cut storage and transport time. 

We reduce food waste and nutrient loss, while ensuring that you receive fresh quality produce.
Whats more, you can support local enterprises while enjoying the cost savings of having no middleman! 

Find out more about our farmers here.

100% Local100% Fresh, 100% Hassle-Free.