The Problem

When asked how a farm looks like, many of us will imagine a vast piece of land in the countryside. We then believe farms do not belong in Singapore’s urban environment. After all, we need our limited space for other essential purposes, such as housing and workspace.

Our market surveys highlighted that people feel the same way about farming as a hobby as well. We perceive farming as something that is time-consuming. We like the idea, but fear the high maintenance and commitment levels. It could also involve lots of manual work, which is not ideal in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. To add on, many of us are not sure how to start farming. Furthermore, we have no idea who to reach out to for advice. 

However, times have changed. With hydroponics and vertical farming, we are now able to see farming on a 3-D plane. New technology and innovation have also made these techniques cheaper and more resource-efficient.

Together, we can transform our definition of what a farm can and should look like.

Our Solution

This is why we came up with our indoor farm systems. Our systems are tailored and customized to meet your food and aesthetic needs. To make this possible, they are also assembled right here in Singapore by our in-house farmers

In a nutshell, we want these systems to complement the furniture and style of your house. Let them become a conversation starter when people come over to your place. These are also ideal for offices and commercial space. Use the systems to add vibrancy and energy to your work environment. All-in-all, we don’t want our systems to be used solely for food production. We know they have the potential to do much more. 

Anyone interested to start farming can also sign up for our interactive farming workshops. We have a variety of structured programs for individuals of all experience levels. We welcome you to join us with your friends and family. It is always more fun to start a hobby as a group. Together, we can then develop a buzzing community of urban farmers. Let’s play a part in making Singapore more food secure.