Indoor Hydroponics Farming

Indoor Farming
@ Urban Green Dot

Indoor Farming is a relatively new concept and has become popular in Singapore for a variety of reasons. As Singapore is a small island with little arable land, growing food indoors is no longer an option, but a necessary step to grow and produce our own food. Many people think it is harder to grow indoors as plants are usually grown outdoors. However, implementing the right technology and systems can make it even easier to grow plants indoors. At Urban Green Dot, we utilize Nutrient-Film Technique(NFT), auto-dosing systems and full-spectrum LEDs to grow plants quickly and with high yields.

Advantages of
Growing Indoors

Growing Indoors brings about many benefits: Firstly, you can grow cooler crops that do not typically grow well in Singapore’s hot, humid and wet weather. Take kale for an example, kale prefers a cooler climate as their leaves turn sweeter when grown at a cool temperature. By growing kale indoors where temperatures are much cooler, we can grow sweet tasty kale for you and our customers to enjoy. Secondly, growing indoors can dramatically decrease the chances of having pests and diseases infecting the plants. In an outdoor environment, pest and diseases are always present and can cause massive damage to plant crops. Growing indoors gives us the opportunity to not use pesticides and chemicals on our plants, which results in healthier consumption of vegetables. Thirdly, growing indoors does less harm to the environment as we do not allow our fertilizers and any pesticides to contaminate our land. In Singapore where arable land is limited, it is even more important for us to grow indoors, especially in under-utilized spaces. Lastly, it is simpler than growing outdoors. Ever grown a plant and killed it? Growing indoors with our indoor home systems eliminates that possibility and you will be able to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and small fruits with our locally designed and assembled systems with success!

From Seeding To Harvesting
@ Urban Green Dot

At Urban Green Dot, we have a semi-automated farm where we still need to seed, harvest and clean our systems. Therefore, we have many volunteers and team members who have helped to work on the farm in various ways. The time period from seed to harvest varies from plant to plant, with lettuce taking anywhere from 3-5 weeks and our cherry tomatoes from 8-10 weeks. Plants require the right nutrients, light and environment to grow healthily and happily, therefore, we spend a lot of our time researching and trying out new ways to grow. This has allowed us to create a successful guide to growing which we share with our customers who are growing with our system. However, we genuinely hope to create an environment for people to grow on their own and you can explore our Resources page on the basics of growing indoors (Coming Soon). After growing our produce, we sell our produce in Veggie Boxes or donate to those who have never had the opportunity to eat clean, pesticide-free produce. We hope that you will be able to support us in our efforts to transform the way we grow and consume our food!