Free Food For All

urban farming within a corporate office space

The Concept

Our client, Free Food For All (FFFA), wanted to set up an urban farm within their corporate office for people to learn more about food security and food sustainability. They also wanted a farm with enough scale so that their volunteers and beneficiaries can bring back some of the fresh, pesticide-free vegetables to cook at home.

What We Provided


We spoke with relevant stakeholders and discussed the different solutions available to achieve their intended urban farming goals


Based on our client’s goals, we came up with a custom floorplan & system layout to fit the necessary number of hydroponics systems needed


We specially designed an 8-week program to equip FFFA’s staff members & volunteers with  the skills needed to run their own urban farm

Achieved their Farming Dreams

FFFA now runs the farm on their own & harvests a steady supply of fresh local & salad greens every week for their beneficiaries!